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Terry is draughts champion for 2014 Board Games Championships

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Swiss Replica Watches Dexter Abbott Calder-Hall Board Games SC launched its inaugural Board Games Championships on  August 10 at the Calder Hall Multi-purpose Facility, Calder Hall.

Rolex watches Draughts was the only one of the five Board games that was played on the day as it took center stage  and players from across the twin island battled for attractive cash prizes.

breitling watches Samuel Terry Smith of Arima who played unbeaten earned ten points from four wins and two draws to emerge champion in the six-round Swiss style championship and walked away with the thousand dollars first prize.

Rolex watches Five players ended the Championships with eight points and the win – loss ratio and head to head clashes system were used to determine their final positions.

Herbert Anderson of Calder Hall placed second, Mc Carthy Fraser third and Denzel Walker of Castara placed fourth. Anthony Arnold, Hayden George, Gaston Grant and Mark Westfield occupied the positions  fifth to eighth to also share in the cash incentives.

President of the club, Raymond Robert expressed his delight on the development and pledged to raise the level of board games on the island by hosting regular tournaments and workshops. He also thanked the Division of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports , the main sponsor of the event for their contribution.

The event concluded last Sunday with scrabble and single table all fours at the Calder Hall Community Centre from 10.00 am and 2.00 pm, respectively. Yesterday, (Saturday) competition in the game of chess was hosted at the Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation, Mt Marie.

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